ACU is dedicated to the defense of free societies whose moral, cultural and economic foundations are under attack by leftist and Islamist enemies at home and abroad.

We just took a step or two back from the brink. Americans, exercising the common sense that has always been at the heart of our national character, took action in the voting booth on November 2 to repudiate Barack Obama’s efforts over the past two years to radically transform our financial and social institutions. The message they delivered was loud and can be summarized in one unequivocal word : NO! They won us some breathing room while we figure out how to finish the job in 2012.

ACU is proud to have played a role in this effort to lift the socialist fog that has descended over our national life. For the last year and half, as Obama showed soon after taking office that he had no intention of governing as the moderate he had painted himself during the campaign, we have been warning Americans about what this administration really was and what it wanted to do to our country.

The ACU’s other major initiatives involve our universities-- bringing traditional values and intellectual standards back to our universities by taking indoctrination by tenured radicals out of the curriculum and promoting academic freedom for students, especially conservative students, who are a stigmatized minority on campus these days. The ACU frankly identifies the enemy our students must deal with: professors who use their classroom as a pulpit for leftist ideology; an unholy alliance between student radical groups and pro jihad organizations that has declared war on America, Israel and the West. ACU has helped to bring back more objectivity and true intellectual diversity back to our universities.
So your contribution to ACU supports the fight against the Left’s takeover of American education and Barack Obama’s takeover of the American future.
ACU provides ammunition for the culture war against the Left: that’s what your contribution buys. So please act now and help us in the fight we are waging on many fronts for America’s future. America is under assault from within and without. There is no time to lose.

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